Buddy Whittington

Folks, after reading Karl's post about Buddy Whittington leaving the Bluesbreakers, I went to Buddy's site and this is what I found on the message section.

JOHN MAYALL & THE BLUESBREAKERS TOUR NEWS Dear Fans and Friends: As reports about the disbanding of the Bluesbreakers have been circulating since the end of the last European tour, I have to apologize for not announcing and confirming it sooner. Physically and emotionally it has been a tough decision to make. The main reason is that at age seventy five I want to cut back on my usual heavy workload and also give myself freedom to work with other musicians if and when I feel like it. Needless to say this doesn’t mean I’ll be abandoning the blues but rather hoping to expand on it through guest appearances and in the company with other musicians. Meanwhile I can’t thank Joe, Hank and Buddy enough for all the great contributions they’ve made to my musical journey thus far. It has been a great ride indeed. In February I will be joining my friend Mark Hummel to take part in another of his blues harmonica tours of the west coast and my new band members for 2009 will be announced in due course after I’ve taken some time off to re-evaluate. This has been a difficult announcement to make, but I hope you will all understand and look forward to what new music I will have to offer in the new year. -- John Mayall

I was sorry to hear Buddy breaking up with John as well. I saw them several years ago at a small club here in St. Louis, MO. Great show and Buddy was fantastic. Don from Dallas should be pleased that one of his Texas Guitar Heroes, Rocky Athas, has been chosen to replace Buddy. Sure hard to believe that John Mayall is 75!

Thought I would post this for anyone interested. Keep playin' and listenin' to those blues!


Thanks for posting this

Thanks for posting this message. It was not on Mayall's site anymore. Somehow a surprise this break-up, but then, Mayall has changed bandmates many times before. I am sure that Buddy will go his way.


You know as sad as this is,

You know as sad as this is, It truly is a new dawn for Buddy.
His solo CD is just fantastic and this gives Buddy the opportunity for him to unfold his wings and fly.

I will mis JM for sure, but ca'nt wait to hear what Buddy has in store for us.

Hey Guys, Buddy is playing

Hey Guys,
Buddy is playing the UK quite a bit now.... you can keep up with him on his myspace site

I look forward to seeing Buddy playing without Mayall, nothing against Mayall, just be nice to Buddy take the spotlight all night... Buddy is one of the true good guys.

Looks as if he spends most of

Looks as if he spends most of the summer in the UK. Opening for Gary Moore on a lot of dates. That might give him a pretty large audience!

Sad news indeed. But real

Sad news indeed. But real nice to see Buddy doing his solo project too. I had the pleasure of seeing John & Buddy and the band at The Towne Crier in Pawling, NY a little while back. What an amazing show! Here is a link to a video a friend. Can understand John wanting to slow down a little. Would not be surprised if we don't see him out full force again not long down the road again. It's in his blood!

Here's a video of John Mayall with Buddy Whittington at The Towne Crier where he's using a friend of ours '52 Tele and the King Of Tone from Analogman for the 1st time thru a Dr. Z. amp. Man this boy can play! Got to spend a little time chatting with him after the show. Real nice cat. Go see him anytime you can.


Enjoy the video, Geno

While we're chattin' about

While we're chattin' about our old friend Buddy and sharing videos, here's one of Buddy and Gary Moore on stage together. It looks like a handy-cam recording and the quality is not that great, but it is listenable.