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Hi everyone! Wanted to post

Hi everyone! Wanted to post on the new site. Herm, the password worked fine. I will probaby leave it at that for now. if that is OK. I would like to point out to everyone that Bugs Henderson has a live CD on his website that is a continuation of his first live German CD. It is called "We're a Texas Band" and it is on the Radio Bremen label otherwise known as Taxim Records. You can click on it on the site and it takes you to a fine site in CA called No Guru Entertainment. They acknowledged my order and mailed the same day. I received it three days after ordering and they even e-mailed me back to make sure I got it. It is a great companion to the original Live at the Miserau. Bugs does one of the weirdest versions of the Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" I have ever heard. It is not groundbreaking by any means but great Bugs and some solid drumming by his son Buddy. Check it out!

Glad you were able to finally

Glad you were able to finally get in, Mark. Hopfully others don't have similar problems. Yahoo seems to have very strict spam checking.

Thanks for the tip on the Bugs CD. I was pokin' around on his site and see that he has a couple of studio releases out I wasn't aware of as well.

Hi Herm, Mark, and all the

Hi Herm, Mark, and all the others that still have to re-register! BluesGirl checking in from Nashville, Tennessee! I'll be the first to admit I've been neglecting blues music lately even though it still dominates my music collection and always will. I love classical music, too, and classic rock. It appears that my close encounters with country musicians around town has not converted me to a country music fan yet. Doubtful it will since country music all sounds the same to me (boring, corny and cookie cutter clones). Were there any new blues releases this year that are must haves? My biggest obstacle is access...if I can't find it in Wal-Mart or Best Buy (not exactly blues oriented stores), then I have to buy it online and I don't do much of that. I am old school. I love brick and mortar store shopping and I still prefer a solid CD in my hands over electronic downloads (I don't even do that yet). And I still don't own an iPod or a cell phone that's capable of anything other than making phone calls.

Blues Girl, I was just

Blues Girl, I was just thinking about you. Hope things are going well for you. Glad to hear you are still in Nashville and that they haven't converted you. I haven't bought much music lately, however, I did pick up from his website a Bugs Henderson double live CD "We're a Texas Band". It was recorded live in Germany and is a follow on to his first live German CD "Live from the Miesterfrau". It is a good Bugs CD, if you like Bugs. His guitar playing is as good as ever and his son Buddy is rock solid on drums. I know what you mean about WalMart and Best Buy. I worked part time at Best Buy for over 3 years. I have trouble going back there. Glad you hear from you. Hope things are well with you!

Jeez louise... Herm I have

Jeez louise... Herm I have gone on military bases with less scrutiny my friend..lol actually not bad at all.... Lookin forward to having this forum get back to the wild days when there were posts by the dozens every day.... miss ya all....

Yeah, Johnny... those old

Yeah, Johnny... those old days were (mostly) great fun! Hopefully, once there's active functionality on the site again, that will start pulling the blues fans back in.

Hi Herm,it's been quite

Hi Herm,it's been quite awhile since i've been here.Why the new format.Has anyone else seen a serious decline of blues acts coming to their town the last year or so?i.e. Jimmy Thackery,Mike Morgan and some of the other guitar slingers.Here in the Toledo and Detroit area we used to have them a couple of times a month.Does anyone know what happened to Mike Keller of the Keller brothers.I saw them here about five years ago opening for Johnny Lang and Mike stole the show for me.

Dave, the main purpose of the

Dave, the main purpose of the new format is to revive the ability for site members to submit CD ratings. The new content management system I'm using to allow that came with its own messaging system. It just made more sense to use the internal message board rather than maintain a separate one.

It's been pretty much the same down here in FL regarding the drought of live blues. JT used to play down here a couple times a year, but it seems like a pretty long time since he was last in this area. To be honest tho, I've become pretty lazy about staying up past midnight, driving an hour or more to get home, then popping up in the morning for work. Old age is taking its toll, I'm afraid.