Message Board Subscriptions

I've recently added a subscription feature to the message board. You'll see the Subscribe link below each discussion topic. You can subscribe to an individual topic (page), or to entire forums (such as the Blue Chatter Forum - also known as Categories). You can even subscribe to posts only by specified members. The system will send you an email whenever there is a new post in any area you are subscribed to.

You can easily manage your subscriptions by following the "My Account" link in the Sidebar Menu.

This is an add-on module that is actually still in development. Let me know if you have any problems so I can pass them on to the module author.

For those of you using mail services like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc., remember to add my email address to your address book, or your subscription notices will likely be captured by the spam filters and you'll never see 'em.

Herm, I subscribed to

Herm, I subscribed to everything. I will put your e-mail address in my Yahoo Address list so you won't get lost in Spam-space! Thanks!

The subscription function has

The subscription function has been removed. It was a bit cumbersome for me to maintain, and seemed to create more confusion that it was worth. I'll see if I can find a more elegant solution.