Too many guitars! Lello Panico featuring Robben Ford

Hi, This is the new Lello Panico's band, Blue Noise. After Blue Messengers, Lello Panico & the Fritz Gang , this is my new musical experience. This concert with the legend Robben Ford was in Italy on May 1.
The Blue Noise CD will be out soon.

Lello Panico

Hi Lello, nice to hear from

Hi Lello, nice to hear from you. The YouTube video looks pretty good. Must have been fun playing with Robben! Looking forward to hearing your new CD.

Hi Herm, Thanks a lot for

Hi Herm,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation. You will be the first to have Glory Days, the new album of Blue Noise. Ciao.

Lello, Hello again! You

Lello, Hello again! You probably don't remember me but you sent me a cd awhile back!! Was just in Italy but on a cruise so I was not able to catch any nightlife or look for blues gigs!! According to salesman in Florence, there is no blues scene in Italy~ Best of luck with all and new band, Michael