California Blues-Rock Guitarist/Vocalist ALASTAIR GREENE Releases New CD, "Walking In Circles"


ARTIST: Alastair Greene
TITLE: Walking In Circles
FORMAT: Compact Disc (11 Tracks)
LABEL: Riatsala Music
RELEASE DATE: June 27th 2009
UPC CODE: 884501142885

Alastair Greene - Guitar & Vocals
Tom Lackner - Drums
Jim Rankin - Bass
Mitch Kashmar - Harmonica (1,5,7,9,11)
Piano (4, 7) Harmony Vocals (4)

Since his 2002 debut CD A LITTLE WISER, Alastair Greene (known as ‘AG’ by friends and fans) has released two live CDs and a collaboration with French blues guitar hero Frank ‘Paris Slim’ Goldwasser on Riatsala Music. Greene also played guitar on recent releases by Alan Parsons (2006 Grammy nominated ‘A Valid Path); Aynsley Dunbar (2008 release ‘Mutiny’); as well 2 CDs on the Delta Groove Record Label: Frank Goldwasser’s 2007 release ‘Bluju’ and Mitch Kashmar’s 2006 release ‘Wake Up and Worry’. The Alastair Greene Band has been performing live for over 10 years in various incarnations. Greene still performs regularly with Mitch Kashmar, Frank Goldwasser, and other blues and roots acts. He is also a frequent guest with the Alan Parsons Live Project.
Greene’s new CD WALKING IN CIRCLES features 6 original songs and 5 covers ranging from the Elmore James-influenced title track and the deep Muddy Waters vibe on ‘Pocket Full of Change’ to the Gov’t Mule-style reading of ‘Get Out Of My Life Woman’ and the hard-boogie ZZ Top-inspired interpretation of ‘Cut You Loose’. Mitch Kashmar (currently playing with 70s latin-funk band WAR) lends his legendary harmonica playing to 5 tracks as well as piano on a pair of songs. The Albert Collins classic instrumental ‘Don’t Lose Your Cool’ is given an original treatment in which Greene and Kashmar play the melody in unison before throwing down a couple of terrifying solos. The groove and title of ‘Back Alley Strut’ (an AG original) reflects the influence of funky New Orleans band The Meters, while the comical ‘Drunk Again’ is a shuffle reminiscent of the updated Jimmy Reed style that the Vaughan Brothers popularized in the early 80s. Greene also utilizes his first instrument (the tenor saxophone) on the fast swing ‘Look Out Baby’, which may feature the most blazing guitar solo on the record.
WALKING IN CIRCLES is Greene’s tribute to his Blues heroes and influences as well as his bid to re-establish himself as one of the era’s best up and coming Blues-Rock guitarists. “I love this music and want to be respectful of the form and history yet still be true to myself and my musical goals,” says Greene. “If That means things start to rock out, get experimental, loud and crazy, or I choose to cover more traditional territory, it’s all part of what I love about the Blues and its musical off shoots.” None other than Alligator Records founder Bruce Iglauer recently told Greene, “You definitely have talent. I’m hearing you as being a strong player with a good blues-rock feel and some real chops.” Legendary British studio wizard and solo artist Alan Parsons was quoted as saying, “Alastair should be out playing with the biggest bands in the world. I believe it's just a matter of time.” Regardless of quotes, resumes’, and high profile names, WALKING IN CIRCLES is sure to perk up some ears, put some smiles on some faces, and get some feet tappin’. It may even inspire some booty shakin’, head bangin’, and spontaneous partyin’. The Blues is for everyone, from “those about to rock” to those in their rocking chairs. Alastair will show you how and why.

Track Listing: 1) Walking In Circles 2) Look Out Baby 3) Drunk Again 4) Get Out Of My Life Woman
5) Don’t Lose Your Cool 6) Say What You Want 7) Pocket Full Of Change 8) Cut You Loose
9) Back Alley Strut 10) Merry Go Round 11) Give Me Back My Wig

PUBLICITY: Doug Deutsch: 213-924-4901
For more info, audio clips, and photos go to:
Riatsala Music/Alastair Greene: P.O. Box 862 Santa Barbara, CA 93102 USA