Award Winning Blind Guitarist Joey Stuckey To Release New EP

10/31/2009 - Macon, GA - You can't travel down south without hearing someone rave about guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, radio and TV personality Joey Stuckey, who holds the distinction of being the Official Ambassador of Music for Macon, Georgia (home of the 'southern sound'). Joey Stuckey is an award-winning blind guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio & TV personality, music columnist, inspirational speaker, educator and sound engineer. Joey's guitar style is reminiscent of rocker Jeff Beck and a jazzier Wes Montgomery, while his vocal influences range from Mel Torme to Gregg Allman. He has also worked with the likes of Hughie Thomasson (from Lynyrd Skynard and the Outlaws), David Ragsdale (from Kansas and The Smashing Pumpkins), Randall Bramblett (from Traffic, Steve Winwood Band and Gregg Allman Band), Carol King and Ike Turner to name a few. After three critically acclaimed rock releases ('Take A Walk In The Shadows', 'Ironies, Pain and the Light That Guides', 'So Far') Joey is gearing up for the release of his new jazz and blues tinged EP release 'Ocean Side'.

"This little jazz EP is four tunes that have been laying around for about two years now," says Joey. "I recorded them just when I had some time for myself, not very often as I work so much for others. Anyway, The EP is called 'Ocean Side' and is a little slice of summer magic. The music is all reminiscent of the beach and easy living. Just in time for the cold winter of 2009 comes some bright and warm sunshine courtesy of jazz music." (Along with the release of 'Ocean Side', Stuckey will be re-releasing as a download his second CD 'Ironies, Pain and the Light That Guides'.)

Stuckey lost his sight and sense of smell as an infant as the result of a brain tumor. Despite these limitations, he remained in mainstream education. Scholastically outstanding, Joey Stuckey graduated from high school at the age of 14. At the age of 17 he began his musical career by taking classical guitar lessons from noted music professor Terry Cantwell. Joey continued his musical education by studying with renowned jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan. "I love my rock and roll and in fact I am working on a new rock EP, 'Seven Songs In Seven Days' but, jazz studies is really important to me. I feel like music is the language of the angels and in jazz, I feel that we really have the best exploration of that language. Of course, you can imagine how great it was to study with a jazz legend like Stanley Jordan. We met when we were both on tour in MA. He does some amazing things with the technique known as tapping, I haven't ever developed that skill to his level and probably won't, but, learning from him was a real privilege that I am thankful for. I teach music as well and use some of the practice suggestions he gave me to this day with my own students."

As well as being featured in many national and international media publications including PRI's "The World", GPB's "Georgia Gazette", and "Big Takeover Magazine", Joey has won several outstanding awards in music. "I am very honored to have been recognized for the hard work I have put in to my craft of music composing, recording and entertaining. I have won the jazz artist of the year almost every year since 2000, though Ben Tucker beat me one year and rightly so. I have also received the EA-TV lifetime achievement award for my work with internet radio and TV promoting indie artists, and even the Cotton Carrier Award from the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame, for my contribution to the music industry of GA. I also got the Ray Melton Music Man Award for my work supporting music in my home town of Macon. there are many more, but, these are some of the ones I am most proud of."

"Dude, you’re the greatest!" - Chuck Leavell (Keyboardist for the Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers and Eric Clapton)

Joey Stuckey and his band have opened for legendary artists like Ted Nugent, Bad Company, Trisha Yearwood, James Brown, Clarence Carter, Wet Willie, the B-52's, Kevin Kinney from Drivin' N Cryin, and Smashmouth. In his other roles as either producer, composer, music columnist, and sound engineer or hired musician, Stuckey has worked with musical greats like Hughie Thomasson (from Lynyrd Skynard and the Outlaws) "Huey Thomason from the Outlaws played on one track on my first CD 'Take A Walk In The Shadows'," Joey relates. "What a great player he is, he is missed. I was the second engineer on his last album, 'Diablo Canyon' and got to know him well then." Stuckey has also worked with the likes of Jimmy Herring (from The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Frog Wing, The Allman Brothers Band, and The Others/Grateful Dead), Danny Seraphin (drummer from supergroup Chicago and currently with California Transit Authority-CTA), Hamp Swain (the Original King Bee), comedian Tim Wilson, Allen Vizzuti (from Chick Corea, Doc Severinson Orchestra, and Chuck Mangione), Doyle Dykes, Connie Haines (from Harry James and The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra), Chris Hillman (from the Byrds and Desert Rose Band), Jerry Peake (bassist for Steve Morse Band), Ben Tucker (Herbie Mann, Mel Torme), John Dunn (Earth, Wind, and Fire), Jimmy Hall (from Wet Willie, Hank Williams, Jr., and the Nighthawks), Charlie Daniels, George McCorkle (from Marshall Tucker Band), Razzy Bailey, Sammy Nestico (composer/arranger for Frank Sinatra and the Count Basie Orchestra).

"For anyone who doesn't know it yet, Joey is one of the most amazing guitarists I know." - Ian Copeland - IRS Records

Stuckey is also the owner and sound engineer of a recording facility in Macon called Shadow Sound Studio ( which boasts vintage analog gear and state-of-the-art digital technology. "I started when I was 13, but, didn't get a real studio until the mid 90's," says Joey. "Some of the folks I worked with are mentioned above, but, I have also recorded for Ron Lester, an actor, in the movies Good Burger and Varsity Blues, we did a comedy album, I actually wrote the music to some songs he did. Of course Randall Bramblett, ARC recording artist Miguel Castro, The Outlaws, Percy Welch, who played with little Richard, John Lee Hooker... And Chris Hicks, of Marshal Tucker, and many more!" Stuckey is the adaptive technology correspondent for Dialogue Magazine which is a publication dedicated to the needs of the blind. Recently, Joey has taken on the role of music publisher and has a growing catalog of great songs in multiple genres. His publishing companies include Sociology Publishing (BMI) and Sign Wave Publishing (ASCAP).

"...A phenomenal effort from a man truly blessed by God. Throughout my years in various bands, recording studios, concerts, radio stations, etc., I have come across many unsigned bands and artists who think they are the best. And we have all seen who the mainstream radio and media tout as the best. But I'm here today to tell you that Joey Stuckey really is the best." Reviewer: Michael Walenceus

In short, Joey Stuckey is a young man with an enormous talent, clear vision, and a tireless work ethic who is well respected by his peers, fans, and even a few legends. Joey Stuckey's 'Ocean Side' EP and 'Ironies, Pain and the Light That Guides' CD reissue is available now from Joey's official website and will be available on iTunes in December. For more information visit:

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