Music City Jam - Live in the Studio

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Thrush, Robin Jr.
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Nashville, Tennessee
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Talented youngster with potential. But album production is pretty rough... basic garage band sound.
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Hey eblues, Everyone is


Hey eblues,
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Please read the review by John on Blues Underground Network, it is about the best review I have ever read- on any band. more reviews are on our home page.

The CD production is rough, it's supposed to be. It's live in the studio. and the "Jams" are completely unrehearsed. If you were there at The Fillmore West every week end in the 60's and early 70's you know the difference between raw, inspired music and "garage band"

If you are a guitar player, and you want to know how good Robin Jr. is, buy a CD and try to play his leads. Start with track 11. This is the kind of CD that you can listen to over and over, and still hear something new... But don't worry, we're working on a slickly produced,vanilla, three chord progression, no song over 4 minutes, CD... right now!
The working title is,'We know every CD released in the last ten years sounds just like this'.

Music goes in cycles, on MC Jam, Robin is just way ahead of the curve, that's all.

Hey Herm, The Music City Jam is on Radio Submit (search Robin Thrush), how about adding some tracks to your play list so we can hear what your listeners think?

Robin Thrush Sr.