Find it at GEMM

The following hard-to-find CDs can often be located at GEMM.

Gravy - From The Hip- Gravy was a SouthEast US regional blues-rock Band from 1992 to 1997. They released one CD in 1994 on the independent label, Kudzoo (also now defunct). This band toured extensively, and crowd response & CD sales at shows was very good, but the band could never obtain wider recognition. The music on this CD is raw, primal blues, fueled by the raunchy playing and gritty vocals of frontman Rob Thorworth. I really enjoy Thorworth's unique guitar style and songwriting. For more info, check out Electric Blues' Review of this CD.

Robin Trower - Victims of the Fury- Every classic rock fan knows about Bridge of Sighs. Here is another Trower CD that is not as well known, but compares very favorably in style and quality with the Trower classic. Victims of the Fury actually has more of a blues feel to it, so it's a great CD for blues guitar fans. Trower's playing is excellent, and this CD is one of Trower's last feature the vocals of Jimmy Dewar, who was a major contributor to Trower's original sound and success. Released in 1980, Victims of the Fury has been deleted, but it's currently available as a two-pack combined with Caravan to Midnight. It can also sometimes be found in it's singular form through GEMM.

Paul Rodgers - The Hendrix Set- This 5 song extended CD is a live recording of Paul Rodgers & Company performing several of Hendrix's most popular songs. This CD, released in 1993 and featuring Neal Schon (Journey) on guitar, is NOT for the tame blues fan. It IS for those who enjoy loud, awesome, aggressive guitar working over Hendrix standards. Total time is only about 22 minutes, but Neal Schon will blow you away... who knew? Oh yeah, Paul Rodgers is great on vocals, too. Songs include Purple Haze, Stone Free, Little Wing, Manic Depression, and Foxy Lady.

I will add more hidden GEMMs as I discover them. Good Hunting!

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