In My Sweet Time

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Perry, Roxy
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Blue Perry Hill
New York, United States
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Roxy has a powerful voice.
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Great CD! Shows Roxy's


Great CD! Shows Roxy's powerful voice and soul that comes through each song. Beautiful Harp work! Amazing Guitar work by Matt Rae! As well as Chris Vitarello. Mike Ventimiglia's work on the keys sets the feel so nicely. Bob Fusco's bottom end on the bass is so solid and what a Blues bass should sound like. Linda Geiger has a nice touch on the drums, there's no over playing here at all, the core right where it belongs! Real nice addition of Mike Marble on drums on Roadmaster and I'm So Lonesome I could Cry. Frosty Lawson is so soulful on the horn. Wonderful arrangements and feel on each of the tunes on this CD. The emotion is so real. She has a wide range of songs on this CD that make listening an absolute pleasure. Her band and the guest musicians on this project are all top shelf. Production work from Leslie Bloome fits so well with the presentation of this. Speaking as a studio owner that says a lot for sure. It's not often that us Musician/Producers will love a project. We are some of the most critical. Even with the 1st pass when I picked up this CD I was so pleasantly surprised with the heart and soul and quality of this project from everyone involved. Well worth picking up and also quite the band to go see live! Major Kudos to Roxy and all of the Musicians and Production crew involved in this project! This entire project shows everyone playing it from the heart! -- Geno