About This Site

      The concept of Electric Blues slowly evolved over time. I wanted to establish a web site for some time, but I wanted it to have purpose, I wanted it to tie into something I'm interested in, and also something that might interest other 'Net surfers. Electric Blues went on line Oct 10, 1997. This site is a place to share thoughts and info on the Blues in general, and contemporary electric Blues in particular.

      Over the years I witnessed the popularity of ElectricBlues.com grww, plateau, and then subside. This site's traffic patterns are in a sense a testament of sorts to the growth of independent music availability over the past decade and a half. When the site first went up, it was one of the few places to go online and learn about little known local and International independent blues bands. Now, the Internet is all about self promotion, and there are 1000's of music sites promoting independent music from around the world. ElectricBlues.com slowly lost it's niche.

5.0 - Awesome - Essential Listening
4.5 - Excellent
4.0 - Very Good
3.5 - Good
3.0 - OK
2.0 - Not So Good
1.0 - Drink Coaster
      The last remaining main section of Electric Blues is the Artist/CD Index. Over the years, this section has gradually grown to become an extensive directory of National, International, and Independent Blues artists, and includes links to artist websites and online purchasing information. Also available in this section are CD ratings and comments by EB visitors from around the world, as well as links to online reviews. Even though traffic has diminished to a small fraction of the it's heyday, the site continues to run, with no plans to take it off line. Folks are still welcome to register and submit CD raings.