New York Funk and Blues Legends The Funky Knights Return

2/1/2010 - New York, NY - It has been almost 20 years since New York City boogied to the sounds of funk music legends The Funky Knights. Imagine a mixture of Barry White, John Lee Hooker and Sam Kinison and you get the bare essence of what The Funky Knights are all about. Here's a band with three talented lead singers that can play real blues to real dance music, supporting a front man who has to be seen to be believed. Incredibly prolific, The Funky Knights have written over 70 original songs, which they perform in concert along with a sprinkling of classic funk covers to create a classy grove that won't let up. But the music is only part of it. With their wild clothes, over-the-edge theatricality and unrestrained sexuality, a Funky Knights performance will transport you to another universe, and judging by the reaction, it's an addictive experience!

"One of the better live club acts we've caught in years!" Billboard

The Funky Knights consist of actor/comedian "Wild" Bill Olland (lead vocals, keyboards), Reid Trevaskis (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Paul Gifford (lead vocals, drums), Randy Pratt (bass) and Paul Latimer (guitar). "The band was formed in the late '80s," recalls bassist Randy Pratt. "We had nothing to do with what was happening in the charts at the time. Our disco/funk/blues fusion had audiences dancing all night at our famous 3-set gigs. We played 325 gigs in New York City from 1989 to 1993."

"Could twist a smile out of a block of stone." Kerrang! (UK)

Back in 1991, together for just over two years, The Funky Knights had logged more gig time than perhaps any other New York band. Their hard work had paid off! The band received encores while performing with such diverse artists as Bad Company, South Side Johnny, Jonathan Richman and the Ohio Players. Their weekly shows at clubs such as The Continental Divide (whose album 'Live At The Continental Divide', Relativity Records, The Knights are featured on) drew packed houses. "We played killer originals mixed with well placed covers that got the crowd moving," says vocalist Reid Trevaskis, "and Wild Bill as the master of ceremony, presiding over the controlled chaos - always having the audience in the palm of his hand."

"Like New York Yankees (actually, Mets) in King Arthur's Court, The Funky Knights hail from a time-warp when chivalry was in (de) flower and maidens lost their heads. In the grand tradition of Doug Clark and The Hot Nuts, they're a party band that never fails to let a good tongue-and-groove beat them to the ribald punch. Get 'em anyway you can." Lenny Kaye, Grammy Award-Winning Producer

The Funky Knights are preparing to release their eponymous debut CD and will be opening for music legends Savoy Brown (Feb. 17) and Leon Russell (March 2) at BB Kings Blues Club in NYC. "We love Savoy Brown and Leon Russell," Randy Pratt excitedly exlaims. "The blues is as prominant as the funk in our music." "Right now we're trying to translate our 'club act' to the big stage / opening slots," says Reid Trevaskis. "As far as the new CD goes, I'm hoping people will just put the CD on and enjoy the entire thing - let it grow on them. It's perhaps not as 'dirty' or avant garde as our past shows might suggest, but I think it's a good re-introduction to the band." Along with reconnecting with New York audiences, the band have recorded two more CDs to be released in the near future.

"The Knights are the dark and evil twin of K.C. & the Sunshine Band. Front man Wild Bill is one of the unsung legends of underground performance, as nasty as he wants to be." CMJ - New Music Report

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